What You Need to Know about Garage Door Panel Replacement in Leavenworth

garage door panel replacement leavenworth Are you familiar with garage door panel replacement services in Leavenworth? In some cases, it may not be necessary to replace or repair your entire door. If the damage is minor enough, it may be worth discussing panel replacement with your garage door contractor before investing in a whole new unit. 


The replacement of garage door panels is not intended to address cosmetic issues. This service is most appropriate in response to structural damage only. This type of damage is generally a result of a car, lawn mower or other small moving object hitting the door at a low speed. You’ll need residential garage door repair or replacement to address significant scratches and blemishes.

Panel Quantity

You can replace more than one panel at a time. It’s important to realize, however, that this process can become quite expensive quickly. While replacing a single garage door panel will cost less than a full garage door installation, multiple panels will increase the price tag quickly. Talk to a professional to determine which option will be cheaper for you.


Garage door panels can fade over time when exposed to the sun. This is harmless, but it can make matching a new panel to your current door a little more difficult. Talk to your garage door repair specialist to ensure the installation looks as seamless as possible.

Need Garage Door Panel Replacement Services in Leavenworth?

Find out whether panel replacement services are appropriate for your situation in Leavenworth today! The professionals at Robbins’ Garage Door can assess the condition of your current unit and provide an honest recommendation. Our team is dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction for all residential and commercial garage door services, including garage door opener replacement. 

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