What’s Usually Included in a Garage Door Inspection in Quincy?

garage door inspection quincyHow long has it been since you scheduled a garage door inspection for your home or business in Quincy? Having a professional assess the condition of your unit periodically is an important part of routine maintenance. Not only will it ensure potential issues are spotted before they have the chance to develop into expensive repairs, but most garage door contractors perform a number of simple tasks throughout the process. Here’s what you can expect from a professional inspection.

Tightening Elements

Over time, the various chains, belts, nuts and bolts that make up your commercial or residential garage door may loosen. In most cases, contractors will simply tighten these elements as they perform the garage door inspection. 

Lubricating Components

Keeping your garage door properly lubricated probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind, but it’s important. Various components, such as rollers, cables, pulleys and drive mechanism, must remain well lubricated. Failing to have this done during an inspection or routine maintenance will lead to the need for garage door repair

Making Minor Adjustments

Your inspection will also include any minor adjustments needed to springs and/or the door opener. It’s easy for a professional to complete these tasks while ensuring the door functions properly.

Performing a Balance Test

It’s also common for an inspection to include a balance test. This test will determine whether the door lifts easily or is impacted by some sort of resistance. If the door fails to move smoothly, additional maintenance or repair may be necessary.

Time for a Garage Door Inspection in Quincy?

The pros at Robbins’ Garage Door in Wenatchee can help! We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to perform both commercial and residential garage door installation, inspections, maintenance and repair. Our highly-trained specialists can also assist with garage door opener replacement. 

Garage Door Inspection for Quincy Residents

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